Your personal trainer can hurt you

So I listen to this or a variation of one of these ALL THE TIME …

I got hurt after trying an exercise that forced me to do my personal trainer. I had trouble doing an exercise and they told me to continue. They were rushing me with an exercise.

I really don’t understand WHY people who get hurt by personal trainers don’t stop training with them immediately and sue them. The carelessness would eventually stop if the lawsuits were started.

Some personal fitness trainers are trying to call everyone an athlete and train them like they are truly competitive athletes. The average adult seeking general fitness or weight loss is NOT a competitive athlete and should not be trained as a competitive athlete. The average person who has not competed in a sport at a high level in recent months or years SHOULD NOT be doing advanced exercises such as box jumps, burpees or sled pushes among other exercises on the first day. There are specific progressions and fitness levels that must be mastered before introducing advanced exercises. That’s like telling a person who has never driven to compete in a NASCAR race.

It’s amazing how many personal trainers hurt people because they are feeding their ego or because they have very little experience and knowledge. Did you know that many personal trainers just pay and take an online exam without any real-world preparation, knowledge or experience? And then they call themselves fitness trainers. It is SAD and the general public is paying for it.

Now do you know WHY I am so proud to be an NSCA-CSCS? We know how to train athletes and we know when to stop while helping an adult get fitter. We understand the SCIENCE behind the exercise and we know the progression of the exercise. A college degree is required to take the CSCS exam and you are given (and needed) six months to study all the material. It is a serious certification and must be maintained with continuing education once certified.

Please DO NOT trust just anyone to train you. Research, get references, and verify the trainer’s credentials. Lots of people come to me AFTER being seriously injured by personal trainers. It’s your body, your money, and your time that you’ll spend going to the wrong coach. CHOOSE WISELY!

Written by Karen Goeller

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