Will emu oil treat eczema?

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a serious skin problem. Once it appears, the rash can last for weeks or months. Eczema usually occurs in people with a personal or family history of atopy (allergic asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, or food allergies). For those who suffer from eczema, the itchy red skin rash can be very irritating. Sometimes small fluid-filled bumps that are moist and oozing can also develop. People suffering from eczema often have to take expensive antibiotics or other prescription drugs, which can have additional negative side effects.

There are many forms of eczema, but atopic eczema is one of the most common and serious. Doctors don’t know exactly what causes atopic eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, but they think it could be a difference in the way a person’s immune system reacts to things. Skin allergies can be involved in some forms of eczema. People with eczema can also have asthma and certain allergies, such as hay fever. For some, food allergies (such as allergies to cow’s milk, soy, eggs, fish, or wheat) can cause or worsen eczema.

Some other eczema triggers can be due to the soap, detergent, or skin care products we use. If you wash your hands frequently, it is important to apply emollients after each wash. If you use soap, it should be very natural and mild, without chemicals or sulfates that can trigger eczema. Laundry detergent residue on clothes can also irritate the skin, so a second rinse cycle is recommended. Also, try swapping your laundry detergents for a natural one. It is also important to wear gloves when using potential irritants.

Pure emu oil, an effective and safe natural treatment for eczema. There are many testimonials of amazing results after applying the oil on eczema and skin rash. Emu oil comes naturally from Australian emus. Historical records show that Aboriginal Australians have been using this wonderful oil for thousands of years to treat skin problems, pain and wounds. The emu skin was hung from a tree and the fat and oil were extracted. In addition, the skin was also used as a wrap for wounds and rashes, among others.

Pure emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and calm the skin. Its antibacterial properties also help stop the growth of bacteria and prevent them from spreading. Using emu oil to treat eczema will help relieve inflammation and itching as well as return the skin to its normal, healthy state. Pure emu oil is hypoallergenic, so it does not cause skin irritation or side effects, which is ideal for people who have sensitive skin. It is definitely a safe remedy to cure eczema.

It is safe, non-toxic, and contains no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and GMOs. It can be used as both a topical and internal (oral) treatment, and is even more effective if you combine both methods. Although results may differ from person to person, the key to any successful treatment is consistency.

Apply Pure Emu Oil directly to the affected area and its surroundings in the morning and at night. If the eczema is inflamed or irritated during the day, simply apply more emu oil to the area and let it hydrate and soothe your skin. It has a calming effect and can prevent itching and inflammation from worsening.

Written by Sharon E March

September 5, 2020
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