Surprising Ways Botox Can Help Besides Wrinkles

Most of people’s experience with Botox has been limited to one particular location: between the eyebrows. Dermatologists say that 90 percent of Botox is used on the forehead, addressing crow’s feet, and between the eyebrows. With that said, around 5-10% of Botox treatments are done in unexpected areas, multiple times for reasons beyond wrinkles. In this post, we will reveal unusual ways how Botox can be used. Stay until the end to learn about all the amazing ways you can use Botox in New York.

Combat teeth grinding and help widen eyes.

You can inject Botox into the masseter muscle. Many people think that mouth guards are the best, but they only protect against teeth. Botox helps relieve jaw pain that eliminates teeth grinding, headaches, and lockjaw by relaxing the unconsciously creating stress muscle. This helps keep the jaw muscles from looking defined and wider.

Few people prefer to use Botox on the lower lids to enlarge the eyes. This is useful for those who also have wrinkles on the lower eyelids.

Sculpt the calf muscles and reshape the nose

Incorporating a similar principle to thinning the facial muscles, a New York dermatologist recommends using Botox to sculpt the calf muscles.

You can also use it to give your face a proper shape by lifting the edges of your mouth or eyebrows. It is beneficial to adjust the shape of the nose without any surgery. Models use Botox on the columella, which is the bridge of tissue that connects the nasal tip to the nasal base to make the tip of the nose lift up.

Tighten the neck and reduce excessive sweating.

One of the first signs you will witness as you age is the neck. Botox in NYC can be used on neck bands to smooth and tighten the neck without any surgical procedure.

Dermatologists recommend using Botox on the feet and hands to combat excessive sweating. This is ideal for people whose excessive sweating has interfered with their normal activities, including handshaking. The treatment also addresses sweating on the forehead and scalp. It’s even worn on the buttocks or perineal to sweat along the crease of the pants.

Prevents stretching of scars, softens chin and reduces rabbit lines.

After removing a mole from your forehead, Botox can be put around it to minimize stretching of the car while it heals. Botox helps create less muscle scar pulling. Nowadays, people are opting for Botox to get rid of chin wrinkles; For those with dimpled chins, the treatment helps soften the muscles and makes them look less like a raisin.

People also use to get rid of rabbit lines, wrinkles on the sides of the nose and cheeks. Bunny lines appear when a person wrinkles their nose while smiling deeply or laughing. Although aging is the main reason for rabbit lines, these wrinkles can also occur due to overuse of Botox on specific facial muscles.

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Written by Grisel Herrick

December 28, 2020
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