How to draw ointment puts eczema in its place

Many people have walked into my family’s alternative health store with various skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. These particular illnesses are known for their stressful itchiness and irritation of the skin and difficulty in finding relief.

Typical medications include steroids and topical applications. Some of the biggest drawbacks to this type of treatment are side effects, such as drowsiness, possible absorption of steroids into the general system, and potential risk of cancer. Certainly, serious side effects can sometimes be worse than the disease itself. One of the biggest problems people with eczema and psoriasis have is constant itching. The more they scratch, the more serious the condition becomes. Scratching can cause raw sores, oozing, and severe pain. The drawing ointment will make the itching stop immediately and also soothe the skin and begin the healing process.

We have found that using a common drawing ointment provides excellent results with absolutely no side effects. The ointment works well and is easy to apply directly to the skin over the affected area. It may take several applications of the balm, as deemed appropriate, to keep the balm on the skin long enough for the balm to have enough time to be effective.

After several applications of the drawing ointment, we have found very noticeable relief from the itchiness, pain and peeling of the skin. The ointment calms the area, softens the skin, and provides immediate relief, which is a highly desirable and positive result. Many people have reported to us that they are delighted with the wonderful results.

It is also very helpful to drink plenty of plain water a day, in addition to eliminating sugar from the diet as much as possible and eating plenty of green vegetables. It should be noted that the eczema disease did not manifest itself overnight, and any healing from the inside out will also have to occur over a period of time.

Since there really is no “cure” for eczema, it can be a very frustrating disease to deal with. However, just relieving the itch is an important step that allows the area to heal. We have seen many people a good result in just a few days after using the ointment for drawing. Over time, continued use of the ointment will provide continuous conditioning of the skin, preventing more serious breakouts.

Written by David L Tennant

September 5, 2020
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