Generation X, the personal trainer’s next client

The next generation that is beginning to reach that magical age of 40 is occurring with Generation X. These individuals have been in the workforce for a good number of years, have families, and are in the midst of developing large amounts of reserves of cash. This is also the age at which they must act or the road can be overwhelming when it comes to their health and fitness. This generation has always been active in their younger years, but it can be very easy to get lazy and this generation knows the benefits of health, fitness and wellness, so it should be easy to motivate them.

This generation also knows the benefits of joining a fitness club, playing in sports leagues, and hiring a personal trainer to maintain peak fitness. For the personal training industry, a large portion of its customers will be baby boomers, but Gen X individuals will want to be continually pushed to improve.

There have been many programs that are now targeting this clientele, including popular fitness programs such as: HITT training, Cross Fit, Zumba, Power Yoga, and ultra-resistance activities. This is the generation that likes to make things happen and are considered the doers, so it won’t be a challenge for personal trainers, doctors, and the health industry to keep these people active. Although there will be a fair amount of obese individuals in this category, most of them will start turning to personal trainers and fitness experts to get them back in shape as they used to be. This will include women who want to lose pregnancy weight, business owners, entrepreneurs, and men or women who were in college for a long time (as doctors), and now need to get back in shape due to their demanding jobs and.

Regardless of profession, Gen Xers are going to make up a large chunk of the personal trainers client list right after the baby boomers. Both generations are tech savvy and this will be a huge advantage for them. They will be able to communicate with their fitness professionals via the web, browse different health recipes, or have an app on their smartphone that will keep them on track when it comes to calculating their calories, fitness routines, or staying accountable. It will be exciting what this generation will accomplish, but you will also see how this client maintains their health and fitness going forward.

Written by Kisar Dhillon

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