Fear of theft: how to cure fear of theft

The fear of theft is one of those fears that is completely justified on the one hand and yet completely irrational on the other, at least for most people. The reason it makes sense is that people get robbed every day. The reason it is irrational as fear is that the odds are against you being the victim of robbery if you take the proper precautions.

Learn to protect yourself

One of the best ways to overcome fear is through action. Take steps and be proactive in making your home, car, and / or person an unattractive target. In the end, this will make your fear of theft a little more unwarranted than other fears you may face. You want to learn not to be a victim. This is the best defense against theft and should help erase some of your fears.

Relaxation techniques

Another great way to ease your fear of theft is through relaxation techniques. Get into a habit or create a ritual every night before bed or every day before you go out to run your assigned errands. When you have a ritual that you can follow on a consistent basis, it will help ease any anxiety you may feel regarding a robbery or break-ins.

Know the numbers

Everything in life is a numbers game. Arming yourself with the knowledge that the odds are against you becoming a victim of robbery, you can help calm your fear of robbery. There is no guarantee that this is an effective deterrent, but it certainly cannot help. In your neighborhood, what are the chances that they will break into your house or car? You can call your local police station to get the statistics. However, one thing to remember is that phobias are not always logical in nature.

Become a defender of the defense

Don’t limit your activism to your own home and life. Take it to those who need help. Attend classes, start self-defense classes, start a neighborhood watch, and take educational seminars on the latest home security systems. By helping others learn to help themselves, you empower yourself and everyone who is educated, informed, or helped as a result of your efforts.

Self hypnosis to alleviate the fear of theft

If, after taking the measures mentioned above, you are still struggling with your fear, you may want to consider the potential value of hypnosis in relieving stress and opening your mind to a life lived without fear. If your phobia of theft is affecting your daily life or causing problems with your interactions with others, it’s time to try something different to get help.

End the fear and move on

Not ready to leave debilitating fear behind and move on to the more important things in life? If you live in fear of theft, you are not living your life to the fullest; it’s time to make some changes in your life, are you ready to do whatever it takes?

Written by J Seymour

December 28, 2020
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