Epic t60 treadmill

The Epic T60 treadmill: putting new limits on the economy

The Epic T60 treadmill is made exclusively for Costco, the discount retailer. It has useful and desirable features for the home gym and for fitness training in general, but is often discounted by much less than $ 1000.

Icon Health and Fitness, Inc., which uses the Epic brand on exclusive models, is the world’s largest manufacturer of quality treadmills for training, weight loss and personal fitness, as well as other sports equipment for weight training and fitness, and markets products like Epic t60 treadmills specifically for large retailers like Costco.

Strong machine, adjusted price

The Epic t60 incorporates the best of Icon designs for treadmills. Designed for use in a home gym with the larger user in mind, the t60 features an adjustable padded platform with a large surface area and is capable of supporting weights of up to 350 pounds.

Equipped with a powerful motor and power incline, the t60 is suitable for light and intense weight loss and fitness regimes, as well as general sports training.

Additionally, the feedback and reading displays keep track of time, distance, calories burned, speed, and pulse measured via the pulse sensor grips. Heart rate is measured and displayed by an optional chest pulse sensor.

The Epic t60 offers customizable, pre-programmed training programs and iFit.com, the interactive training technology found in most Icon exercise equipment.

With the optional chest sensor, iFit will monitor the speed and incline of the treadmill in response to your heart rate by providing a workout under the guidance of online or CD trainers.

Your home stereo, computer, portable device, and VCR can all be connected to the Epic t60 to keep you entertained while you train.

And like many of Icon’s treadmills, the Epic t60 folds up after use.

While the motor is warranted for 12 years, parts and labor on everything else are only warranted for 90 days, a concern expressed by TreadmillDoctor, which does not sell treadmills but rates the Epic t60 as a ‘ winner ‘for Costco.

Costco offers ‘doorway delivery’, not curbside, and its return policy applies across all 400 of its warehouses.

Written by Steve Ecclestone

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