Concerned about the risks of asthma? How Your Roof Replacement Company Can Help

If you or your children have asthma consistently, like 21.8 million more people in the United States, there may be a hidden danger lurking somewhere in your home. This hazard is mold and 4.6 million cases can be directly attributed to humidity in the home. Learn why it’s important to have an exterior home remodeling specialist from a roof replacement company come and inspect your roof and attic to make sure your home is not an ideal breeding ground for mold.

What is asthma?

People with asthma can have serious trouble breathing. This is because the disorder causes the airways to swell, making it difficult for air to get in. An attack can occur at any time and symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and even a blue tint to the lips or face.

It can be difficult to diagnose asthma because the lungs will sound normal when there is no attack. Because of this, many doctors will provide people who suspect they have asthma with a rescue inhaler that contains a steroid. These steroids often allow immediate opening of the airways, thus removing the restriction. There is no cure, but asthma can be treated so asthma sufferers can lead normal lives.

Why happens

Different patients have different triggers that can cause an attack. Some of the more common triggers include animal hair or dander, dust, weather changes (usually going from warm to cold), exercise, mold, smoke, stress, and common colds. Any of these triggers can lead to an attack. The key is knowing what trigger you are suffering from and doing everything you can to avoid it.

How a Roof Replacement Company Can Help

Mold is one of the biggest triggers for those who suffer from it. Because it can grow unseen in a home, it can be one of the most dangerous triggers. Much of the humidity in a home can be attributed to a roof that is poorly ventilated, and this improper ventilation can encourage spore growth. But why is improper ventilation such a big problem?

When a roof is properly ventilated, air can circulate freely throughout the attic. Without it, the air can become humid and stagnant. Stagnant air can condense and moisture in the air will eventually lead to mold growth on walls, floorboards, and more.

If your home does not have attic vents, a roof replacement company should install them. These vents will draw in air at the same temperature as outside, eliminating the problem of condensation that leads to mold and spores. If you have the vents, but they are not doing their job, a roof replacement company may recommend that you install fans in your attic or baffles if the problem is insulation preventing air flow.

Contacting an exterior home remodeling company for help can eliminate the potential for mold growth in your home. If mold or spores are found, you will need to contact a remediation company after fixing the cause that caused the growth in the first place. Do not let your family suffer in silence: you will breathe easier and you will live without fear of an asthma attack.

Written by Chris A. Harmen

September 6, 2020
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