Cologenix: a tough review of the Cologenix colon cleanser

Looking for a Cologenix Colon Cleanser review? As someone who has been using colon cleansers for a few years, I was intrigued by this new detox and cleansing remedy.

Why Cologenix?

Cologenix is ​​a new supplement that claims to cleanse your colon and intestines while breaking down complex waste and toxins within your digestive tract. The result is that you are supposed to stay fit, feel healthier, and lose weight. Like any dietary / herbal supplement, I was a bit skeptical, but decided to take the free trial. More on it in a minute …

Who should use Cologenix?

  • Cologenix is ​​marketed to a variety of people. It may interest you if you suffer from any of the following:
  • Chronic fatigue?
  • Lethargic and reduced energy levels
  • Feelings of constipation
  • Bloating and excess gas
  • Bad breath
  • Excess fat and body fat
  • A slower metabolism

First impressions of Cologenix

I ordered Cologenix because I wanted to lose some weight quickly and start the year with a new diet and exercise plan. The first day I didn’t notice anything and was concerned that it wasn’t working. I increased the dosage to two pills / day and immediately saw a surge and bowl movements (3-4x / day) and higher energy levels. One dose in the morning and you feel ready to conquer the world. The best thing about this, in my opinion, is that it is a totally natural colon cleansing solution and very easy on the digestive tract.

What kind of benefits can you expect?

First of all, I recommend that you follow the instructions and take them as directed. The free trial will last you about a month, which is long enough to see and feel significant results. I also recommend increasing your daily water intake because Cologenix is ​​a natural herbal colon cleanser and since it uses fiber to cleanse the inside, you will need to absorb more water.

Cologenix product overview

Cologenix does what it says. I found it to be a very effective natural colon cleanser for body detoxification and rapid weight loss. I don’t want to sound misleading, so keep in mind that you still need an exercise program and diet changes to lose weight in the long run. However, Cologenix will get you on the right track and give you the necessary boost.

Written by Mark A P

July 9, 2021
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