Can the flu virus really spread in a swimming pool?

The flu has become a great concern for many people. This is especially the case with the rise of the H1N1 strain. When in the pool, it helps to know that this condition can be difficult to transmit. However, it will still be important to manage all the proper cleaning processes.

A study from the Center for Disease Control states that some types of this condition can be disinfected with chlorine. Recommended levels of chlorine for a swimming pool have been found to disinfect some types of flu viruses. This has been found to be the case with the avian strain of influenza. It is not known for sure if the H1N1 form can be handled or not.

Even with this factor, there is no way it can be completely disinfected in pool water. Germs that can get into the water over time can still be found around the water. This is because the effects of chlorine in water can easily weaken over time unless new chlorine materials are introduced into the water. Therefore, the effectiveness of chlorine in killing germs can vary.

The virus can spread in areas that are outside of a pool. These include handlebars for getting in and out of the pool, physical areas for any diving boards, and even materials found around the changing rooms of a pool area. A swimming pool area can be treated as a public place in many cases, and as a result it can be a place where it can spread just as easily.

A good thing to do in regards to helping to avoid contact with the flu is to make sure you wash before and after getting into a pool. It also helps to make sure you avoid going to the pool if you are not feeling well. This is to make it easier to prevent the flu virus from spreading.

Some forms of the flu can be disinfected in a swimming pool, but not all forms of this condition are known to be easily managed. However, it will be important to know how it can spread in areas outside of the water. Fortunately, using a few cleaning processes can help prevent the virus from spreading in a pool.

Written by Tan Jian Yong

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