Bromide poisoning can be the cause of your headaches, bad moods, and thyroid problems!

Symptoms of bromide poisoning

Bromide poisoning can put you in a bad mental space with dark thoughts, depression, mental confusion, and general lassitude. Don’t we all do it from time to time? Before taking tonics, adaptogens, immune boosters, and smart drinks, let us familiarize ourselves with some of the other symptoms of bromide poisoning. Neurodevelopment is adversely affected by bromide as it dominates iodine receptors, causing behavioral problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia (ADD and ADHD), and unexplained headaches.

We treat these symptoms with Rtalin, pain relievers and mind-altering medications, and expensive supplements from the top drawer. But do we recognize the underlying causal factors? Along with a deteriorated emotional and intellectual status quo, bromide poisoning can lead to adult acne, mouth ulcers, and a bad metallic taste in the mouth. Iodine deficiencies also increase in direct proportion to bromide toxicity. Because fluoride also displaces iodine, modern “hygienic” mouthwashes only make it worse.

Bromide poisoning and thyroid problems

Elevated bromide levels have been linked to all thyroid diseases, from simple hypothyroidism to autoimmune diseases and thyroid cancer. Bromide levels are 50 times higher in the thyroid tissue of thyroid cancer patients. By now, we all know that iodine has something to do with thyroid function and in many cases all that is needed is a little iodine to correct hypothyroidism. But bromide competes with iodine and it won’t give up so easily! Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s and Graves’ will flare up when resident iodine stores have been depleted by bromide. Initially, adding iodine to the equation will make things worse, as it will move the bromide into the bloodstream.

The battle of the halogens

Chlorine, fluoride, bromide, and iodine belong to a group of elements that we call halogens. They have a hierarchical order and iodine is subject to displacement by the other three halogens in this family. Therefore, if the levels of chlorine, fluoride or bromide are too high, they usurp the iodine receptors. We experience familiar symptoms of iodine deficiency even when we recharge with seaweed, shellfish, or Lugol’s iodine. The bromide bully interferes with our iodine stores. Chlorine and fluoride affect our thyroid glands and also displace iodine. We filter our water and use fluoride-free oral hygiene products, but inadvertently we become saturated with bromide.

Where does bromide come from?

Where does bromide come from? Bread! The staff of life, they call it. Before 1960, iodine was used as a dough improver, but was later replaced with bromide. You will not see the bromide in the ingredient list on the packaging. All you see is a big, fluffy slice of bread. You will ingest the bromide and it will compete with your iodine stores. The result will be a low iodine level. Research studies showed that when the baking industry used bromide instead of iodine, people became increasingly iodine-deficient. A double whammy!

Other sources of bromide include all grains that are treated with the pesticide: methyl bromide. That includes flour, rice, beans, lentils, and other legumes. We don’t like to eat weevils, mold, fungi, or critters in our food, so too often methyl bromide is applied to them and we consume it. Some countries refuse to import these products, but for now South Africa seems to be turning a blind eye and preferring toxins to “goggas”. Some of our nuts are also treated with bromide to maintain their shelf life. We also breathe in bromide-rich fumes that come from carpets, mattresses, and other household items that have been chemically treated.

Modern “medicine” and bromide vaccines

We know that mercury poisoning can be caused by vaccines, but who would want to get a bromide vaccine? During the Gulf War, soldiers were inoculated with bromide. Some of them were completely unaware of what was happening, much less the reason for the jab. Emotionally, they were shattered until the true cause was located. It wasn’t so much war-induced trauma as bromide poisoning! Bromide that invades the system is stored as bromine in tissues and fat cells and is a very dangerous substance. The antidote is iodine, but not without a toxic reaction. The protocol is demanding, because the bromide must be removed as soon as the iodine is ingested.

Half a tablespoon of salt makes the bromide disappear!

Gulf War troops suffering from emotional problems were treated by orthomolecular doctors who guided them through an iodine-based detoxification protocol. To treat bromide poisoning, they were given a supervised iodine supplement. He was chased with a nice pinch of salt! Yes, salt contains chloride, another of the halogens that expels bromide. The salt loading technique is the brainchild of Dr. William Shevin. it is better to use a natural form of salt. Half a teaspoon of sea salt was mixed with a cup of water for the treatment. As soon as an adverse effect was experienced from taking the iodine dose, they drank the mixture. (Eating more salt does not work the same).

Over time, the iodine re-interacts with its own receptors and restores full functionality once more. We don’t realize how iodine contributes to so many aspects of our physical and emotional well-being. It’s only when we lose it that we realize how terrible we feel both emotionally and physically. A few drops of Lugol’s famous iodine won’t equal the score until the bromide factor is addressed. So, have it with a pinch of salt!

Written by Sue Visser

July 14, 2021
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