Asthma and dehydration

Asthma is a histamine response due to dehydration. In my Water An Antihistamine article, I explain how histamine regulates the body’s water supply. When the body is in short supply of water, histamine will control where the water goes based on priority. Asthma was once thought to be caused by stress, especially in children. Studies have shown that an estimated 75 percent of the population has some degree of dehydration, significant enough to affect their health. Along with dehydration, most people’s body state is acidic due to our typical North American diet. Children love junk food, which is very dehydrating and acidifying for the body, which will explain why there are more than 12 million children with asthma in North America. There are also many millions of adults who suffer from it.

We now know that asthmatics have excessive levels of histamines in their lung tissues. If you breathe through your mouth long enough, your mouth becomes dry. Water is an integral part of keeping the lungs moist and working properly. Every time you exhale, you lose water. When enough water is lost through the lungs, histamine kicks in to constrict the bronchial tubes and increase mucus production to conserve the water there. The mucus covers the tissues to prevent them from drying out. Once asthma has been diagnosed, the person has been chronically dehydrated for some time. The constriction of the bronchi occurs because there is not enough water to keep the cells hydrated and the nerves and blood vessels in the tissues are stressed and inflamed due to the histamine response.

If you are adequately hydrated, the moisture in the lungs is quickly replaced, so no histamine is required to conserve and delegate water. By drinking enough water, particularly alkaline and ionized water, inflammation in lung tissue is alleviated much earlier than drinking bottled water, tap water, or reverse osmosis water. Magnetized water does not have a high enough pH to effectively address the acidic terrain of the body that is endemic in the population. Water found in micro-pools is the most effective for hydrating the body. People seem to experience that “the water is wetter”, which seems like a silly statement, but the surface tension is significantly different. Alkalinity helps reduce acidic terrain and restores cell balance.

Animal tests show that an increase in water intake will significantly reduce histamine levels. Studies show that in a period of 2 to 3 weeks there is enough water to reduce the accumulation of mucus in the bronchial tubes and lungs. Once this begins to occur, the spasms are reduced and the bronchial tubes begin to open. Normal breathing begins again as the body continues to hydrate. In my clinic, I am seeing the same results with clients, their asthmatic symptoms are no longer there, now that they are well hydrated. One client decided that his asthma was gone, so he stopped drinking alkaline and ionized water. He drank water from the tap again. Within 3 weeks, I was starting to see symptoms again. He wisely started drinking alkaline and ionized water again and is now symptom free.

Written by E. Jean Perrins

September 5, 2020
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