Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips, Products and Treatments

Why let people know your age when you can keep them guessing? But getting rid of years of your learning isn’t always a piece of cake. Sometimes it can present an image where you are trying too hard, which you should avoid. But there are some magic tips that you can always use to hide your age.

1) Pay special attention to the neck while moisturizing your face. The neck reflects your age.

2) Follow a regular cleansing, toning and hydrating routine for your skin.

3) Frame your face nicely with layers instead of keeping it all in one length while cutting your hair.

4) Don’t apply too much makeup. It echoes your frustration related to aging skin.

5) Always go for a cream based cheek color instead of a powder one.

6) Candy, dusty roses covered in glitter make the lips much younger.

7) Avoid shades of brown, deep mauves and matte reds.

8) For those with glasses, opt for colored plastic glasses instead of metal frames.

9) Choose between gray or brown eyeliners. NO BLACK EYELINERS.

10) The fringes and bangs look very cute and throw you back to your earlier times.

11) Take special care of your eyebrows. It is very important to take years off your face. Choose a medium thickness brow that looks like it is naturally in good shape.

12) The most important thing of all is to quit smoking right now. In fact, it makes you look much older than you are. To quit smoking without pain: effective tips at

THE IDEA IS TO Pamper yourself with these anti-aging tips that can really work wonders for you.

Written by Jasdeep Singh

September 10, 2020
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