Anti-aging attitude – 5 secrets for eternal youth

Helen never grew old. Not in my mind anyway. She was at least ninety years old and had long wavy hair; sports popular youth fashion; and in general face life with attitude. His attitude was positive, optimistic, cheerful, sweet and most importantly: youthful. If I asked him how he was doing, his answer was always the same: “Great!”

I never saw Helen dejected or discouraged. She never spoke of her aches or pains if she had them. Your daily exercise and healthy eating may have eliminated them, but you must have consumed something. I know this because when he fell or hit himself he would say, “I must have needed acupuncture there!” What an amazing woman she was. If she went to the doctor, she never talked about it, and she only listened to others talk, not once complaining about any conditions, except perhaps the fact that other people were not laughing enough or having enough fun with life.

I want to be Helen when I grow up! So I incorporated everything I know about how he coped with life, no embraced life with every fiber of your being. Her spiritual life was the most important thing of all to her and she never stopped serving her whole life with love (and a bit of rebellion too!) These are her secrets and some of mine:

one. Keep your focus on the goal, not the obstacle. For example, if you want to catch the ball, keep your eyes on the ball, right? In this case, keep an eye on the feeling and attitude of youth. Whenever you find yourself feeling old, ask yourself what a child would do in any situation. You may find that you can do much more than you thought you could!

2. Observe and change your language, both for you and for others. I’m tempted to use the word old, but replace it with the word “experienced” or some other creative phrase instead. Another friend who inspires me never tells her age because she said that people automatically think of you in a certain way and have an attitude towards you. Be ageless, be a goddess!

3. Think young. Every day, whenever you think about how you look or feel, imagine what you were like when you were your ideal age. That could be different for everyone. I like to keep my image of myself as thirty-five and when I have birthdays, each of them is “my thirty-fifth annual birthday” for anyone who asks!

4. Smile as much as you can – Not only do you look younger, but you will also feel younger. Try it right now!

5. Relax and fill your heart with love – that’s the real secret to staying young. When you trust and focus on your spiritual life, it will energize you.

Written by Debbie A. Johnson

September 6, 2020
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