Why Physical Therapy Is For You: Benefits Of Physical Therapy

When one hears the words physical therapy, massage therapists will most likely come to mind. However, physical therapy goes much deeper than the typical ordinary masseuse. The benefits of physical therapy far outweigh those of regular massage by untrained masseurs. What is physiotherapy is a science. It is far from the indiscriminate kneading and blows of some masseurs. They only make you feel better for a while, like a placebo. One of the benefits of physical therapy compared to massage is that physical therapy heals you.

There are virtually hundreds of benefits of physical therapy, but the key benefits are assessing physical problems, increasing and maintaining muscle strength and endurance, restoring and increasing joint range of motion, increasing coordination, decreasing pain, decrease muscle spasm and plasticity, decrease joint swelling and inflammation, promote healing of soft tissue injuries, prevent limb contracture and deformity, relieve walking problems, educate patients and family, stress relievers and much more, too many to mention. These are just a few of the benefits of physical therapy.

Regular massages from untrained people may prove beneficial in some ways, but in the long run and more for the money, physical therapy eats up the competition for lunch. The benefits of physical therapy depend largely on the treatment methods used by physical therapists. Some examples are joint mobilization, soft tissue release, trigger point release, manual therapy, myofascial stretching, muscle re-education, modalities, therapeutic exercise, reconditioning program, specific strengthening of weak muscles, and a home exercise program. to name a few. . These methods are not only far superior to indiscriminate kneading and pounding, but they are also proof of the scientific nature of physical therapy. The benefits of physical therapy are not just instant gratification in terms of comfort, but the benefits are a long-term solution to afflictions, a lasting cure for those who need it.

I remember a friend who had back pain. Instead of seeing a physical therapist, he went to a massage therapist for instant relief. He got instant relief, but after a few days his spine got worse and he now walks with a permanent limp and a crooked back. He himself says that he should have gone to a physical therapist and regrets not going. This is a perfect, albeit tragic, example of the benefits of physical therapy and the pains and risks of leaving your health in the hands of untrained massage therapists.

Written by Milos Pesic

September 7, 2020
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