Helpful Tips for Skin Care After Face Lift Surgery

Nobody likes aging skin, especially when aging appears to be premature as a result of a stressful lifestyle, environmental factors, and genetics. Facelift surgery helps remove the effects of the skin by rejuvenating it and making it look young and attractive. The loss of facial fat causes sagging of the muscles and skin, and considering that the skin also loses elasticity as we age, the effects can be quite unpleasant.

A facelift can include a variety of procedures, such as re-covering loose skin and removing excess skin, fat grafting, removing excess fat, shaving the submandibular glands, and tightening the lax muscles of the neck and face. Some patients who undergo a facelift may choose to have other procedures to improve their appearance as well, such as browlifts and lower eyelid surgeries, among others. While the facelift will remove sagging skin, tighten deeper tissues, and create a more defined and attractive jawline, you will need to know how to care for your skin after surgery to enjoy long-term results. Here are some aftercare tips that will make a difference for you.

1. Follow all postoperative instructions you receive from your plastic surgeon. Healing that begins smoothly will always bring you the great results you expect. For example, be sure to leave the bandages on until you are instructed to remove or change them, it is easy to chew food, take all medications as prescribed, and skip any strenuous exercise and vigorous activity.

2. To reduce the swelling and bruising that are common within a few days after surgery, sleep with your head upright at an angle no less than 30 degrees; You can use multiple pillows to keep your head up. You should also stay away from heat that makes the swelling worse. You can use ice packs and cold compresses to reduce swelling by constricting the blood vessels.

3. Get as much rest as you can. Getting enough sleep, relaxing, and resting speeds up the healing process because it takes too much pressure off the face. It would be a good idea to take time off from work for a few days when you are considering having surgery to give yourself enough recovery time.

4. Your skin may feel quite sensitive after you have had a face lift, especially around the areas where there are incisions. Make sure to wash and cleanse your face to remove bacteria and minimize the chances of breakouts and infections. Find a soft cloth to wash your face gently and delicately. To reduce infection in your incisions, your surgeon will probably recommend an antibacterial product. Do not use any other beauty products on your face until your doctor gives you the go-ahead.

5. Keep skin protected from harmful sun rays. Sun exposure to incision sites that are still healing can cause discoloration or darkening and this can be permanent. You may need to stay out of the sun for a few weeks after surgery. The use of sunscreen or sunscreen may also be recommended to prevent the effects if you really have to be outdoors.

Written by Jovia D’Souza

September 6, 2020
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