Depression and intelligence

Sometimes managing depression can be a difficult task, and it is easy for someone struggling with depression to let their fears take over. This is a disease that can make someone feel very lonely, and overcoming it is not as simple as some people think. For years there has been much speculation about the correlation of depression with intelligence. There are several books on depression and extensive research studies done on this topic. In this article I will discuss more detailed information that I have found related to this study.

Based on the information I have collected, it is more of a correlation between depression and creativity than between intelligence and depression. Creative people have a greater emotional connection to the people and things around them, some of the best works were created amid deep emotional turmoil. Research has shown that creative people are at increased risk for depression due to their high emotional abilities; there are books on depression that explain this in a more elaborate way.

Some researchers believe that depression and emotional maturity are related. Since people who have the ability to deal with emotional problems knowingly and maturely, they are less likely to become depressed. Depression has long been known as melancholy, and it is the best-known psychiatric disorder dating back to the early days of psychiatry. Learning how to combat depression will be essential to understanding it, including medication, exercise, and counseling if necessary. There are books on depression that can help you in this process, you just have to keep an open mind.

Statistical data is often used to carry out this research, making the findings more reliable; the larger the sample, the more accurate the results. Intelligent individuals have a more complex mind so their focuses are more intense and more prone to overwhelm. There are many treatment options for depression and, in most cases, these treatments require a minimum of six months. Depending on the severity of your condition, medications may or may not be necessary, but most of the time these medications are not addictive.

In my opinion, there is definitely a link between depression and intelligence, however, being smart does not guarantee that you will suffer from depression. I am extremely creative and with this gift comes great blessings, but it definitely comes at a cost. It’s important to stick with the things that matter most to you, as they will make a difference. The more you understand this disease, the greater the possibility of fighting it. One of the best books on depression I have ever read was an e-book, and I still use it for reference.

Written by Minnisha D. Williams

September 16, 2020
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