Anxiety and health solutions

It is always important to take care of yourself using all the principles of good health. Regular check-ups, proper nutrition, and a healthy life allow one to keep track of one’s health in a careful but reasonable way. Often times, one worries too much about health problems and gets caught in a cycle of health concerns. A health problem is solved when another immediately appears to take its place. These concerns become ubiquitous and exhausting after a while.

Eventually, the individual realizes that this cycle of health anxieties has intruded on the quality of their life. A dark cloud, always hovering over daily life, this intrusive form of anxiety must be addressed. One begins by determining why this is happening, what it is for, and how to interrupt this behavior.

Reason for health anxiety

Health concerns actually have a purpose and this purpose is not difficult to detect if one looks deep enough into this pattern of behavior. Often times, this pattern involves the brain being distracted from specific emotions that the individual finds difficult to address.

Many emotions are so overwhelming, like anger, pain, or fear, that the brain looks for ways to distract itself. Health concerns are a perfect fit because when you care intensely about your health, there is little room to address a disturbing emotion.

Health concerns cover every other thought and this WORKS. This is the perfect distraction from haunting emotions. When one concern is reconciled, another takes its place to veil the untreated emotion. Every health problem has a strong purpose, masking the true disturbing emotion, which is much more difficult to deal with in the long run.


– Recognition and recognition of the habit of health anxiety, one worry quickly follows another in a noticeable loop that never ends. Awareness of this cycle is always the first step in reconciling the problem.

– Determine if this health concern is a true physical problem by visiting the GP and ruling out a definite physical cause of the difficulty. Always rule out a physical cause before assuming it is simply health anxiety.

– Realize that these health concerns subside when you become intensely interested in another topic or immerse yourself in a new relationship, job, or cause.

– Identify your patterns. Do you experience pangs of symptoms that often jump from one area of ​​the body to another? Do you find yourself overestimating physical intrusions and instantly conclude that they pose danger or warrant heeding an alert?

– Find interests that involve your whole being. Lose yourself in things that allow you to think inside. The true illness does not arise through boredom as these behaviors do. Real health problems generally don’t follow the same calendar as health anxieties. Health concerns are strongest in times of boredom and when one lacks interests. An intelligent mind requires challenges and goals.

– Activity is an important therapeutic tool for health problems. Exercise and movement invigorate and stimulate the mind and body in a positive way. Endorphins are released and serotonin levels rise naturally when activity is part of the daily routine. Walking, jogging, tennis, swimming, and dancing in moderation are helpful activities that produce positive results.

– Nutrition is also essential for good health, which in itself helps to break the strong habit of negative thinking, often related to health concerns. When eaten correctly, serotonin levels naturally rise and blood sugar levels remain stable. This helps calm an overactive mind, which leads to a decrease in health anxiety.

– Speak to the brain by firmly telling it to stop when health concerns enter the mind. Switch to a more positive mode of thinking because you can always choose what you think.

The mind will respond by calming down when negative thoughts subside. The brain, caught red-handed in this behavior, is instantly embarrassed, causing it to suspend this cycle of negative thinking. This is in comparison with a child trapped with his hand in the cookie jar. The shame of being caught stops this intrusive behavior.

– Be aware of the “what if” thought. If most of the sentences you think start with “what if,” then this is evidence of a strong habit of health anxiety. Change the “what if” thinking to “so what” and watch the cycle break.

Above all, understand that worrying doesn’t solve anything. Health concerns, in particular, will only serve to drain and exhaust both the mind and body. Consciously make a concerted effort to change your thinking and you will succeed in changing your life. You will move from self-victimization to release from the intrusive habit of fearful worry.

You always have a choice. Life can be wonderful and fulfilling when you learn to change your perspective and choose a more positive point of view. You always have a choice. Never define yourself by your habit of worrying. Don’t fall victim to health anxiety and fear. With a few simple corrections, especially in thinking, you will find that your life changes from difficult and annoying to easier and much more satisfying on a daily basis.

Written by Dr. R.E. Freedman

September 5, 2020
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